Our Story

My Dadz Nutz Stock Photo

Diomidis and Theohare Kiourtsis emigrated from Greece to the U.S.A. in 1918. They settled in Portsmouth, Ohio and soon became proud U.S. citizens. Eventually they opened up a restaurant named Frenchy's. (His friends nicknamed him "Frenchy", mistakenly thinking that he came from France). Dad made the family recipe, Carmelized* Peanuts, for patrons as they waited on their meal. They became so popular that folks began asking to take some home. He continued making them in his retiring years for family and friends. He also tutored his children to continue the tradition.
The recipe originated in Salonika, Greece, and has spanned three generations. His unique process of caramelization and slow roasting preserves the original freshness and allows the flavor to explode. Carmelized* and Crunchy really defines My Dadz Nutz. Our company was founded to honor the memory of our parents and to help Dad realize his dream of opening a nut shoppe some day.